I must admit, l have never read a cookbook in my life. Only because I find it hard to follow the step by step instructions of a recipe, there is something about measuring cups and weighing scales throws me off my natural creative frequency a little.

The few times l have tried to follow a recipe from a magazine, my food never came out looking like it did in the recipe. So I just never bother reading recipes. l find it easier to look at pictures of food in the recipe book then use the memory of my taste/smell senses to image what the dish should taste like, then re-create the dish from what my eyes have captured.

The irony of it all is here l am creating my own cook book with step by step recipes for you all to folow, measuring cups and all. The universe has humour hey..

Wait…did l add one pinch of parprika or five pinches???

Because l am an instinctive cook, l tend to get lost in the creative process. l am now learning to very conscious of the exact quantities and measurements of all the ingredients l use when making a dish. Continuity is key and it is very important to me that when you try out my recipes, the finished product on your plates looks and tastes like what Nomalanga Creates.

But most importantly cooking should be a fun and creative process. So while l hope you will all love following my recipes and find them applicable and easy to use. By all means be free in the kitchen, make mistakes, it may not come out perfect the first time, perfect is boring anyway. Just surrender to your creative energy and cook from the heart.