Welcome to my creative space. l create Love&Magic in the kitchen “COOK”, take pictures of my food and write my own stories. Feel free to wonder around my collage of food pictures, my visual memories that piece together the story of how l fell in love with food. l cook to feed more than just hungry mouths. I cook to feed hungry Minds, Hearts, and Souls.

I have a love and deep passion for cooking and creative expression with food colours, textures and flavours.  I have grown to respect the profound effect food has on the human experience, in particular to our health and emotional state.


HOW I fell in LOVE with Food

My love for food and the art of cooking was ignited by Mum number 4 (aka)Aunt, a woman I call a Vegan Goddess. In my pre-adolescent years, I was raised by my mother’s sister (the 4th born in her family) who was married to a meat-loving husband, so I had the best of both worlds. Everything else seized to exist when I watched Mum Nᴼ4 gracefully glide across the kitchen floor. Her kitchen door seemed like a portal to another world, where the room would instantly be fragranced with an inviting heavenly aroma of exotic spices, and simple raw ingredients were transformed into breath-taking works of art.

At the age of 11, I was finally allowed to cook but  I was a hopeless mess. My food would always be burnt, undercooked or over spiced. When MumNᴼ4 saw how desperate I was to get this right, she instructed me to take a deep breath, close my eyes, channel my energy into the food, surrender to the beautiful feelings of love. And to let that energy flow effortlessly from my heart, through my hands, and into the food. It worked like a charm. To this day I still cook from the heart.

My Philosophy 

This extraordinary early experience with food has had such a profound effect on me. Food serves more than just the function of feeding a hungry mouth. Food is life-giving energy; food has the power to heal even a broken heart and brings people together. Over time I developed great respect for the power that food has over the human experience from our physical health, emotional state, and lifestyle. I stay deeply connected to every element that lends food its power, from the soil, sun, and water that nourish the food as it grows to that hands that labor to grow and harvest the food. I use spices from all over the world to create depth of flavour in my cooking. However I strongly believe in supporting our local farmers, and using local fresh vegetables from my nearest farmers market is something I often do.

I am deeply passionate about transforming people’s quality of life through healthy, whole natural food and motivating conversation. My desire is to feed more than just hungry mouths, but inspire purpose and feed hungry Minds, Hearts, and Souls.


Cooking Style  

I have lived in London since I was 13years young therefore, I would say my style of cooking is cosmopolitan and African-inspired, drawing creative expression from my Zimbabwean roots. My food has vibrant colours, rich bold flavours and is garnished with LOVE