Recharge your Feminine Super Power Batteries

Our feminine energy and power blossoms more when we are emotionally balanced, happy and feel secure. However because we live in a “MAN’S WORLD”, we naturally assert ourselves in very masculine positions constantly fighting, competing, providing and challenged to worry about survival. Strong! Independent! Superwoman who can do it all by herself. Living this way for extended periods depletes our Powerful Feminine energy; it drains our creative, sensual and nurturing energy which adds to the sweetness of life. This is one the reasons why we as women burn out and have emotional / mental breakdowns.

Whenever I start to feel drained, stressed and emotionally imbalanced I always EARTH myself by kicking my heels off, running outside barefoot and standing still on grass or natural soil. l call this Recharging because the earth is literally charged with negative ions and these negative ions generate feminine energy.

I know that this may sound like a crazy and wired science experiment, but our body are natural conductors of energy. Therefore by standing on grass or soil with no shoes on, we absorb the earth’s negative ions directly into our body.

I stand for at least 10mins one the grass, present in the moment. I stand still not thinking about the past or future, just present in the now watching my toes wriggle in the grass and this immediately balances my emotions.

I learned this wonderful technique a year ago and every time I Earth myself I literally feel as if I was plugged into this super electric power socket charging my feminine batteries. When I am emotionally balanced I generally function better in all areas of my life and feel more creative.

Nomalanga 2

Ladies be wild & adventurous, climb down your high heels, plug your naked feet in the earth and reconnect with your Feminine Super Power.

Please feel free to share your Earthing experience with me on this blog, my Instagram or twitter.

Have a wonderful day beautiful people.



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