Fresh Herbs

For me, fresh herbs are a kitchen essential. Not only are herbs healthy and pretty to look at on your plate. They also add a whole new dimension and depth of flavour  to any meal.

My go-to herbs are Coriander, Flat Leaf Parsley and Fresh Thyme

I remember when I was a little girl, My Vegan Goddess Mum4 planted fresh herbs under her lemon tree. Planted in the soil hiding in the shade of lemon tree leaves was fresh mint, parsley and coriander.

Unfortunately I now don’t have the luxury growing my herbs under a lemon tree, so I improvise and keep small pots of my favourite herbs by the kitchen window seal.

I find that herbs serve multiple functions in food. While they can be used to garnish food and elevate the visual appearance, each fresh herb also adds a unique depth of flavour to food.

Especially for people that don’t like spicy food, adding fresh herbs while cooking adds natural flavour and freshness to any meal.




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